The story behind the MISSION

It begins…

It’s funny how much the world has changed. I remember 4am wake-ups at 9 years old. All to get 300 pounds of newspapers ready for my customers. Spending 30 minutes to get my “helper”, J.R. out of bed. (throwing rocks at the window works) Seemingly endless nights of delivering Penny Savers door-to-door, first with my mom, then on my own.

I remember the realizing the simple truth that drives business: finding the buyer is all that mattered. Rounding up a group of people that wanted a product I could make or one I could source is what made things possible.

I’ll never forget my first project: selling hand-made bird feeders to the retired ladies in our townhouse complex. I was selling a subscription product before it was cool…

Of course, the more things change the more they stay the same.

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Artistic Expression

Business is as much art as it is science. Sure we can track clicks, views, shares, likes, and money… but at the end of the day business is about a person buying a product to have an impact on their life.

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Let’s Make Some Music

Talk is cheap. Theory is only good if you’re selling textbooks.

Let’s talk… and plan… and move from theory into “yeah that works”

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